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"I need feminism because girls literally get demonized for liking pumpkin flavored things???? ok?????????????"

If this is legitimately one of your concerns while there are women in other parts of the world fighting for their lives and basic human rights then you seriously need to reevaluate why you are a feminist.

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oh shit i might need to record myself for this

god dammit 

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im about to make the most beautiful ringtone ive ever made

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Sometimes I just remember, “Wow, 999 was the best game I’ve ever played.” I didn’t go in expecting anything special, but it made such a huge impact on me. The plot, setting, music, characters; they were all simply fantastic.

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So not only do we make less money, but our hair is so precious is costs extra to get it cut.


It’s almost like cutting a woman’s hair requires a greater level of styling then it does for a man!  It’s almost like generally women’s hair is much longer then men’s, and women’s hairstyles are generally more complicated and often use higher quality and quantity of hairstyling products! 

But yeah, you feel like a big woman trashing on what’s probably either a mom and pop family run establishment, or one that will probably have a bunch of minimum wage employees? 

As the daughter of a cosmetologist, who has explained many of the different options given to her clients and who has watched her mother transform people multiple times, I know first hand why prices are what they are.

Women’s hair takes longer to cut and it is usually accompanied with a style. Men’s hair is usually very short and they usually come in for a trim, which is really cheap and takes about fifteen minutes tops. 

If the guy’s hair is long and he wants a style too, guess what? The price increases to around the same amount for a women’s style. Because the price is based around hair length because hair length is usually what can determine how long it’ll take.

However, some places give little rewards if you’re a first timer. Men’s first haircut is half off as is women’s. The reason why is so they can get an idea of how good the stylist is and they’ll keep coming back. And then there are preferred customers, clients who have been loyal to a stylist for years, who get little things here and there with management’s approval:

A manicure at half price

A cut and style at 15% off

A children’s cut and style at half off for back to school

And then there are the times that the salon has engaged in charity by cutting and styling people on assisted living for free or cutting and styling a foster child’s hair whose mother had neglected and allowed to get severely damaged and unhealthy (that last one was a recent client of my mother’s and that little girl was so fricking happy afterward).

So yeah, salons have good reasons for their prices and sometimes that profit is used to support the stylists who work for free during certain times like those mentioned above (always approved by management first of course). By making the prices what they were, my mom never lost money even when she took clients who weren’t expected to pay by the management due to their circumstances. The prices of her normal clients was able to make up the difference.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just really proud of my mother’s career. It gets shit on enough by snobs who think she’s just a glorified hair dresser. I don’t like seeing people talking about stuff they know nothing about.

Really getting sick of everything trying to turn everything into a social justice issue and also they are shitting on what looks like a small business.

Go run a small business and see how easy it is, because it isn’t, and it doesn’t help to have some bratty little snubbed up kid with a cushy life to shit all over their business by calling them sexist because their prices vary.

My family runs an auto mechanic business, it’s VERY hard. It is not easy. And after I get my certifications and move out I plan on being a business owner.

People like OP are fucking vile. Not everything is a social justice issue. Look up your shit before you further embarrass yourself by trying to look good to your sjw-feminist buddies on a blog.

Did you know if the business owner found this they could sue you for slander if this post affected their business?

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I will never not reblog this when I see it. 

So freaking true.

I always get told that I “Don’t look autistic” oh I’m sorry, should I wear a fucking sign over my neck saying I am?

"You’re deaf? But you don’t look deaf?"
What the fuck does deaf look like??

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"Your misery doesn't excuse your privilege!" Yeah, say that shit to someone with bipolar disorder, depression, or a person who is bullied for having mental issues, yet are heterosexual, cisgender, and white. As much as Tumblr likes to advocate for LGBTQ rights and the rights of racial minorities, it's really funny how they try to hide their blatant fucking ableism towards people who aren't visibly disabled.