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Part two of the chrompilation
I can’t believe this

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This is what I played FEA for

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I’m helping my friend prep for her wedding (43 days to go!) and we’ve been meeting up for weekly workouts. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or just looking to shape up as we head further into summer, follow along! Here is our workout from last night, you can print this or save the image on your phone so it’s easy to follow along at the gym.

How to do the workout: Start with a slow to medium 5 minute jog to get yourself warmed up. Next you’ll be doing speed work. A 400 on the treadmill is .25 of a mile. For .25 of a mile you’ll increase your speed, how fast you go is up to you. Once you’ve completed that distance, reduce the speed and give yourself up to a minute to recover. You can either walk or jog during that minute. Repeat this a total of 6 times, trying to get faster with each 400.

Then move on to the circuits. Start with Circuit 1, do all three moves without any breaks in-between and repeat so that you complete Circuit 1 three times. Then move on to Circuit 2 and do the same thing, do each move without breaks and complete the circuit three times. You’ll need two dumbbells for the overhead presses, bicep curls and bent flys. I recommend using 5-10 pound weights.

The last circuit is all abs work. Do each move for a full minute without any breaks, the entire abs routine takes 10 minutes.

At the end stretch for a few minutes.

Here are links to a few of moves to help you as you go: Overhead press / Mountain climber / Bicep curls / Bent flys / Side crunch / Reverse crunch / High to lows / Side plank

*reminder, I’m not a certified trainer but I work out a lot and like to make my own routines. follow along if you’d like, I’ll be posting new #fitbride workouts each week!*

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i have looked into the abyss and have seen our ultimate end

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There isn’t as much wrong with you as you pretend there is.

Trust me.

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Peach and vanilla

peach - what i like most about your blog

You shoot down idiots.

vanilla - what i like most about you

Your sense of humor.

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bury me in miles and franziska cute sibling moments

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Baby: D-d-d-d-d-
Dad: Daddy?
Baby: Dance Dance Revolution
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GRRM removes several characters from Game of Thrones